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June 25, 2013 News
EKN.ca Rotax Mini-Max Driver Rankings - June 16

Gianfranco Mazzaferro is the initial leader in Mini-Max rankings (Photo: Gregory Lussier - babelphotos.ca)
Gianfranco Mazzaferro is the initial leader in Mini-Max rankings
(Photo: Gregory Lussier - babelphotos.ca)

With national and regional championships now underway across Canada, it is time unveil the first-ever edition of the eKartingNews.ca Rotax Mini-Max Driver Rankings.

Gianfranco Mazzaferro is inaugural leader of the EKN.ca Mini-Max rankings, thanks to a points score of 4,306. The former Zanardi racer is at the top of the standings due to a superb 2012 season in the class, that featured wins in the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship Race 5 (818 pts) and Coupe de Quebec Race 4 (838 pts), as well the Canadian Championships (1,044 pts). Mazzaferro's run out front, however, might not last that long, as he has advanced up the Rotax Junior class behind the wheel of a Tony Kart.

Gianfranco Mazzaferro - Zanardi
Montreal, Quebec
EKN.ca Rotax Mini-Max Driver Rankings Points Breakdown

ECKC #4 (2012)6th777
ECKC #5 (2012)1st818
Coupe de Quebec #4 (2012)1st838
Canadian Championships (2012)1st1044
Coupe de Quebec #6 (2012)1st829

The P2 racer in the standings is Jeff Fulham, via a points tally of 4,267 points. While the LH Kart driver has yet to start his 2013 campaign, he does boost some quality results on his rankings scorecard. Giving Fulham a good base to build on a charge for the top spot are runner-up finishes in last year's Western Canadian Championships in Race 3 (818 pts), Race 4 (818 pts), and Race 6 (809 pts), as well as a P2 finish in the Coupe de Quebec Race 4 (830 pts), and a sixth place result (992 pts) at the Canadian Championships.

Thierry Cote sits third in the initial Mini-Max driver rankings, having garnered 4,241 points. The CRG racer has been busy to start the 2013 season, contesting both the Eastern Canadian Championship season-opening doubleheader, and the first two races on the Coupe de Quebec calendar. Never finishing outside the top-four, Cote was second (821 pts) at SH Karting before taking home a third place finish (816 pts) in race two at Mosport, and another third (813 pts) at SRA Karting. Given these results, Cote is poised to make a run at the top spot of the EKN.ca Driver Rankings.

Completing the top-five in the first Rotax Mini-Max driver rankings are Joe Soranno (LH Kart) and Garrett Gulenshyn (Tony Kart). Soranno started his quest for top honors with a fifth place finish (799 pts) in Race 2 of the ECKC opening twin bill at Mosport. Gulenshyn has yet to race this campaign, relying on wins in last year's Western Canadian Championships Race 3 (826 pts) and Race 4 (826 pts) to lead his charge up the standings.

EKNca Rotax Mini-Max Driver Rankings Top-25
June 16, 2013

10Gianfranco Mazzaferro64306
20Jeff Fulham64267
30Thierry Cote84241
40Joe Soranno74210
50Garrett Gulenshyn54209
60Samuel Lupien74197
70Charles Robin54137
80Charles Deschenes54094
90Austin Riley43293
90Natael Cantin43293
110Nolan Vogel43231
120Jessica Dezall43198
130Carson Vogel43173
140Andres De Alba Escobar43157
150Alan Haggerty43132
160Tommy Simard43116
170Alexander Foteas43081
180JP Hutchinson32564
190Adams Lessard32418
200Olivier Goupil32330
210Stephen Bachalo21836
220Antonio Serravalle21656
230Christophe Rizk21623
240Roman DeAngelis21586
250Jacob Ewaniuk21578

For the complete Rotax Mini-Max Driver Rankings, click HERE

EKN.ca Driver Rankings Calculation Process

The eKartingNews.ca Driver Rankings are calculated using a driverís best finishes in selected Canadian karting series (Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, Coupe de Quebec, Northern Ontario Karting Championship, Western Canada Championship, and Canadian Karting Championships). Assembled using events from the last 12 months, we use a driverís best five Final finishes in order to determine their overall current point total. With each new month, results from the previous year are discarded to deliver the current ranking list.

Each series was initially weighted based on its prestige and history, the events and tracks at which it races, and of course the depth of talent, with a score of 10 being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2013, the Canadian National Championships was given a base ranking of 10, the WCC is given a base ranking of 9, while the ECKC, Coupe de Quebec, and NOKC were placed with an 8 score.

Added to the initial base ranking is the variable of field size, which helps confirm the importance, strength and competitiveness of the series. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field, with a full field of 34 cars or more providing one full point. Another full point or fraction of a point will be added based on the field strength of each event. The percentage of the top-25 ranked drivers in the race will also be factored into the final event ranking. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race.

Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driverís final point total from each event. Using a driverís best 5 races, we calculate each driverís overall score and subsequent ranking.
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