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May 02, 2013 News
Family Ties: WRKCís Keidon Fletcher

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Keidon Fletcher is another of the third generation drivers who are continuing their family names within the concrete walls of Flamboro Speedway, beginning with the Waterloo Regional Kart Club

As the opening day for the Waterloo Regional Kart Club approaches, set for this coming Saturday, weíre going to take a look at one of the young drivers who exemplifies this popular Ontario karting club, a community that has long enjoyed a close connection with the local stock car racing scene. Itís always great to see families rooted in the sport pass on their love of racing, and this is just such a story. - RH

The love of motorsports is certainly a family emotion, as nights spent both at the track and in the shop often bookend Sunday afternoons on the couch watching NASCAR, F1 or IndyCar. Itís a passion that can be shared by parents and their children, and itís this devotion and enthusiasm that helps pass the baton of racing on to new generations. This enthusiasm extends to actual on-track competition as well, as second and third generation drivers are seen often on racetracks around the country. The Waterloo Regional Kart Club in Ontario has always enjoyed a close connection with the local stock car community, even more so now thanks to the clubís track location within the concrete walls of the 1/3-mile Flamboro Speedway, which is located just 30 kilometers from Milton, Ontario.

Milton, the once-small blue collar community, has long fed a line-up of racers into Flamboroís pit area over the trackís 50-year history, and itís continuing this support through the WRKC, where young Milton drivers like third generation driver Keidon Fletcher are keeping their family names in the limelight.

Keidon is the nine-year-old son of Scott Fletcher, who has been a fixture at Ontario short tracks for many years, running and winning in the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Open Wheel Modifieds and Ontario Pro Challenge Series. Scottís brother John Fletcher Jr. is a noted race car builder and has his share of wins and titles in OSCAAR and the Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Scott and John were brought into the sport by their father John Sr., who raced at tracks like Pinecrest, Sunset, Cayuga and Flamboro before he worked for Junior Hanley in the 80s. If youíre an old school Super Late Model fan, you know the Fletcher name, and you likely remember his familiar #6 graphic. This is a historic Ontario stock car racing name. Thereís a long lineage of motorsports in this family, and like so many before them, karting has provided the entry point for the next generation of Fletchers.

Keidon's father Scott has been a top Ontario short track hotshoe for many years (Photo: Chip Young)
Keidon's father Scott has been a top Ontario short track hotshoe for many years
(Photo: Chip Young)

Young Keidon had a big year in 2012, racing in the Cadet class, which is very well supported at the WRKC. The field was regularly split into two groups and Keidon stepped up his game to rise to the head of the class. Running a K&K Interceptor chassis with a Honda GX160 built by Colin Turnbull from DayGlo Racing Engines, Fletcher showed impressive racecraft development as he scored a total of six wins in his second season of competition. He debuted strongly and posted great results early, eventually clicking off four straight wins in the middle of the summer to take hold of the championship standings. The fourth grader steadily improved throughout the year and developed an impressively smooth driving technique that served him well.

Moving into 2013, Fletcher will jump to the Novice category with a new K&K Cobra chassis as he continues his run up the steep learning curve of the development ladder. The young pilot showed excellent pace in his first official Novice practice outing last Sunday, and he could be a factor for the Novice class podium from the get-go. Itís always exciting to see young drivers excel, but the Fletcher clan has a solid plan for young Keidon and they understand that this will be a year of development as he steps up in class.

Keidonís parents Ė Scott and his wife Kimm Ė are bringing a second family driver into the mix this year as well as Keidonís sister Martie will make her first start in the WRKCís Cadet class this coming Saturday. Itís a full-on family affair for the Fletchers, who continue to promote their sponsorship program with Hype Energy drinks.

John Fletcher Sr. is a legendary name in the Ontario stock car racing community, and his children and grandchildren are ensuring that the Fletcher surname is kept in the limelight
John Fletcher Sr. is a legendary name in the Ontario stock car racing community, and his children and grandchildren are ensuring that the Fletcher surname is kept in the limelight

For the Fletchers, there something special about motorsports, and especially the discipline of karting, as it’s such a family activity. Scott was racing in the Ontario Pro Challenge series when he was offered the opportunity, by fellow WRKC racing father Gary Colling, to get young Keidon into a kart, and the future was quickly set in motion. Keidon loved it immediately, and his pure excitement for the sport prompted Scott to hang up his own helmet, and devote his time to giving his children all the opportunities to enjoy racing.

Scott hasnít looked back, and like so many fathers, he absolutely loves the technical side of the sport and working with his son (and now daughter, as well). Aside from the actual on-track excitement, the Fletchers also love that their kids are part of an incredible community at the WRKC.

he clubís family atmosphere is apparent each and every weekend and in between track sessions, the pit area looks like a neighbourhood playground, with kids running all over the place. Itís a perfect Saturday morning for your average life-long racing family.

Sadly, Scottís father John Sr. did not get the opportunity to see his grandchildren carry on the family name in competition, as he passed away from cancer in 1992, but there is little doubt that the Fletcher fire lives on in the bloodline. Keidonís racing number is #68. The #6 is for his grandpa, and the #8Öyou guessed it, Dale. Jr. One racing family supporting anotherÖ..
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