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December 31, 2012 News
Canadian Champion Interview: Briggs & Stratton Junior - Trevor Rancier

Trevor Rancier emerged from a superb Briggs & Stratton Junior final as the Canadian National Champion (Photo: Gregory Lussier - babelphotos.ca)
Trevor Rancier emerged from a superb Briggs & Stratton Junior final as the Canadian National Champion
(Photo: Gregory Lussier - babelphotos.ca)

Trevor Rancier showcased his talents behind the wheel in 2012, culminating in a well deserved title. The K&K Racing driver combined speed and strategy to take home the Briggs & Stratton Junior title at the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships in Mont-Tremblant, Que. Rancier recently discussed winning the national crown and his future with eKartingNews.ca

EKARTINGNEWS.CA: Letís start things off by looking back at the year you had. What were your goals before the first green flag waved? Did you feel any pressure going into the Canadian Karting Championships at Mont-Tremblant?

TREVOR RANCIER: At the beginning of year our goal was to get the new K&K chassis dialed in, with the Cobra in four stroke and the Predator in Rotax.

I knew Rotax was going to tough at the Nationals, as there are a lot of good drivers. In Briggs & Stratton, we got the K&K Cobra dialed in quite quickly. My only concern was the Bridgestone tires, if it would make a difference on the chassis, but it made it even better to drive. After the first practice, I knew some of the pressure was off me.

EKN.CA: You ultimately ended up with the National Briggs & Stratton Junior title, advancing from third on the grid after winning the pole and one Heat race. What do you think was the key to your success?

RANCIER: First of all the key to my success was to drive for Kevin Barrick owner of K&K. I also know that drafting is a big part at Mont-Tremblant, making the same move I did in the Pre-final was important.

EKN.CA: As we all know, winning a title takes a lot of hard work. Does one race or battle from this past year standout in your mind? Who was you biggest adversary, and what track challenged you the most?

RANCIER: No race or battle really stood out. I didnít get my Briggs & Stratton motor from Gerald Caseley until one month before the Nationals, so that was my main obstacle.

The track that challenged me the most was Goodwood, with the new asphalt.

EKN.CA: What do you think you learned this season that will make you a better driver and will help you prepare for your next racing challenge?

RANCIER: To be patient and draft when you can.

EKN.CA: For drivers looking at racing in Briggs & Stratton Junior next year, how would you recommend they prepare for the upcoming season, so they can make the most of the class?

RANCIER: I would recommend they get a K&K chassis, a Gerald Caseley motor, and work with a good chassis tuner.

EKN.CA: Before we look at the future, tell us what it means to you to win the 2012 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships Briggs & Stratton Junior title?

RANCIER: To win at the 2012 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships feels Fantastic, after what happened in 2011, when I got taken out while leading the race.

EKN.CA: What are your plans for 2013? Will you return to defend the title, or perhaps look at moving up to karting ranks to a new class?

RANCIER: My planes for 2013 are to move up to the Senior class, where I will have two teammates in Jonathan Treadwell and Kyle Edgar.

EKN.CA: Lastly, how has your off-season gone to date? Have you had the opportunity do any testing?

RANCIER: The off-season has been great thus far. I've been on my simulator, practicing here at home, just waiting for my new K&K chassis to arrive.


When did you start racing? I started racing in 2004.
How would you describe your driving style? Smart, patient and smooth.
Favorite track? Mont-Tremblant
Favorite driver? Fernando Alonso
Favorite non-racing website? Facebook
Favorite movie? Fast & Furious
Favorite music group? AC/DC and Van Halen
Favorite food? Lasagna
If you werenít racing what would you be doing? Gaming
Current road car? I donít have one yet
Dream road car? Ferrari 288 GTO
United States Quebec Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia New Brunswick Nova Scotia

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