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November 29, 2012 News
EKN Trackside: 2012 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals – Thursday Heat Races
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Parker Thompson was top-six in both heat races on Thursday in Junior Max (Photo: maxchallenge.ca)
Parker Thompson was top-six in both heat races on Thursday in Junior Max
(Photo: maxchallenge.ca)

With an eye on gaining a quality starting position in the Rotax Grand Finals main events on Saturday, drivers headed into Thursday action at Kartodromo Internacional do Algarve with a focus on running clean as each of the four groups (DD2, DD2 Masters, Senior, and Junior) would all be contesting four heat races per class.


The talented Junior drivers were once again the first to go into battle, with Heat A vs. B kicking things off. Portugal's Bruno Bolido and Great Britain's Harry Webb led the field to the green, with Team Canada's Zachary Claman-DeMelo and Zacharie Scalzo launching from rows two and ten, respectively. Despite an early attack from Great Britain's Josh White, Bolido not only held the top-spot, but eventually pulled away to a comfortable win, thanks to an incident that happened directly in front of him. Mixing speed and aggression, Claman-Demelo was third by lap two and was leading shortly thereafter. As this was going on, Scalzo was steadily working his way up the charts, moving into the top-15. Unfortunately, Claman DeMelo's chances at the win or even a top-three finish vanished on the last lap, when contact with Webb ensued as he was going for the lead. This resulted in ZCD’s race coming to a premature end and a 34th place finish. Scalzo completed a very strong run with a 10th place finish, as Borlido scored the win over White and Japan's Kazuto Kotaka.

The Junior Heat C vs. D was next on the docket, with Austria's Thomas Preining and Netherlands' Stefano Van Galen leading the field to the line. Parker Thompson and Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet represented Team Canada in the race, getting the green in rows three and six. While Thompson initially lost a couple positions, primarily via collision avoidance, he was back fighting for a top-five spot by lap 4. Lemaire-Ouellet remained part of the pack of karts just outside of the top-10 from start to finish. In the end, Thompson came home in sixth, and Lemaire-Ouellet was 14th. Van Galen took home the win, ahead of Turkey's Berkay Besler, and Spain's Otero Alvaro.

After the lunch break, the Junior racers returned to the track for their final heats of the day, commencing with Groups A vs. C. Borlido and Preining were the front-row duo this time out, while Lemaire-Ouellet again got things underway from row six. After the initial start was waved off, Lemaire-Ouellet was one of the karts caught out, falling back to 17th. The Canadian continued to steadily lose ground as the race progressed. With most of the field running bumper-to-bumper in the closing stages, the order was only decided at the stripe. Bolido made it two-for-two on the day, again besting White, while Netherlands' Janneau Esemeijer was third. Lemaire-Ouellet ended up a disappointing 22nd.

The final Junior race of the day was Group B vs. D. With Webb and Van Galen at the front, Claman DeMelo, Thompson, Scalzo took the green flag in rows two, three, and 10. Both Claman DeMelo and Thompson immediately attacked, jumping into second and fourth, respectively. With the lead pack consisting of the top-six karts, the order routinely shuffled over the course of the next few laps, with Claman DeMelo briefly holding the top spot. While Webb steadily increased his advantage, it was anyone's guess as to how second through sixth would shake out. In the end, Claman DeMelo rebounded from his first race contact to finish an impressive second, while Thompson made it two Canadians in the top-five with an equally impressive fourth place. Splitting the duo behind the race winner Webb was China's Guanyu Zhou. Scalzo, in what was an uneventful race, crossed the line in 18th.

EKN.ca Team Canada Driver Paddock Pass

Driver: Parker Thompson - #163
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Mechanic: Chris Freckleton
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 - Start – 6th / Finish – 6th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 6th / Finish – 4th (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 10 pts / 5th

Parker Thompson and his mechanic made the decision to skip the morning practice session today in an effort to save their race tires, and Parker told EKN.ca that it might have been a bit of a mistake. The track had changed a little, as did the racing line, as drivers immediately took tighter more defensive lines, which moved them away from the rubbered-up qualifying line. Nonetheless, Thompson hit the track for the first heat race of the day and was lucky to miss the opening lap carnage. The kart was a quite loose on the new line, and the gearing was off a little, but Parker persevered and brought home a solid sixth place result. In the second race, he was again in the fight up front and worked his way to fourth, putting himself in a good position to start near the front of the Prefinal on Saturday morning.

Driver: Zacharie Scalzo - #161
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Mechanic: Zolton ‘Ze’ Boraros (KMS Racing Team)
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 - Start – 20th / Finish – 9th (A vs. B)
Heat #2 - Start – 19th / Finish – 18th (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 28 pts / 23rd

Knowing that actual wheel-to-wheel racing is his strength, Scalzo was comfortable heading into the heat races. After a strong start, he was able to move into the top-10 and record a stellar ninth place finish. The team made a minor front-end adjustment to improve grip and balance, and changed the gearing as well in anticipation of the second heat race. In this event, Zacharie was in a tough battle and was not able to advance as he did earlier, eventually taking 18th in the final tally.

Driver: Zachary Claman-Demelo - #120
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Mechanic: Chris Green
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 – Start – 2nd / Finish – 34th (A vs. B)
Heat #2 - Start – 3rd / Finish – 2nd (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 35 pts / 35th

Despite showing speed from the green flag, it was a rough start to the event for Claman-Demelo as contact during a pass attempt for the lead left him stranded with his competitor and falling into the order as the rest of the field streamed by. Zach would eventually post a 34th place result, which would give him tons of ground to make up in the second and third heat races. He would begin this recovery in the second heat race, as he was again in the position to fight for the win, this time electing to hold back to score the second place finished. With 36 points now on his total, another top-five in Heat #3 will be crucial to being able to transfer straight into Saturday’s events. If he gets the job done, from there, he can use the Prefinal to improve his position to resume his contention on the race win.

Driver: Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet - #146
Hometown: St. Jean, QC
Mechanic: Yves Demers
Heat #1 - Start – 12th / Finish – 13th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 12th / Finish – 22nd (A vs. C)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 35 points / 36th

The journey to the head races was an uphill one for Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet was certain a slow and steady race, but the young Quebec driver qualified well enough to put him on the sixth row for qualifying. In the opening heat race, he fought with those around him and took 14th overall. Lemaire-Oullet battled hard for a place in the top-20 in the second heat as well, but lost a number of positions in the late going when he almost got turned at the frontstraight kink. He would take 22nd overall, and looks destined for a run in the Last Chance Qualifier.


Marco DiLeo continues to improve from his qualifying result yesterday, moving to 11th and 16th today in Senior Max (Photo: maxchallenge.ca)
Marco DiLeo continues to improve from his qualifying result yesterday, moving to 11th and 16th today in Senior Max
(Photo: maxchallenge.ca)

For the karters chasing top honors in the Senior class, Heat A vs. B was the first obstacle to overcome. Pierce Lehane and James Singleton were the pair on front-row when the green flag waved for the race, which did not have a Team Canada pilot on the grid. Running mistake-free from start-to-finish, Australia's Lehane took the win, scoring the victory over Hungary's Ferenc Kancsar and Netherland's Jordi Van Moorsel.

The second Senior heat race on the day witnessed Alexandre Finkelstein and Harrison Scott leading the charge to green flag, while Team Canada's Jesse Lazare, Bryce Choquer, and Marco Di Leo followed on rows two, 10, and 12. After a failed first start, Lazare led the Canadian charge by remaining in the lead pack fight, while both Di Leo and Choquer began steadily moving up the scoring charts. In a race that featured plenty of shuffling of positions, particularly at the front of the large field, the order was only decided within the final few turns. Lazare, having run as high fourth, took the checkered flag in sixth. Di Leo came home in 16th, and Choquer followed close behind in 18th. Oliver Hodgson scored the win, edging his Team Great Britain teammate Harrison Scott, while Japan's Ukyo Sasahara completed the top-three.

The afternoon collection of Senior heat races commenced with Groups A vs. C. Lehane again started from the pole, and while Finkelstein was slated to start alongside the birthday boy on the front-row, but he didn't make the grid in time, leaving the P2 position open. Di Leo, the lone Canadian in the race, started the race from row 12. The opening lap provided to be the start of a strong run by the Team Canada driver, as Di Leo charged his way up to 13th. Di Leo continually looked for more positions the race progressed, eventually taking home a hard fought and well deserved 11th place finish. Lehane completed the daily sweep, capturing the win over Czech Republic's Petr Bezel, who emerged from a spirited fight ahead of Van Moorsel.

The final run on the day for the Senior karters was Group B vs. D, which featured Singleton and Scott on the front-row, and Team Canada's Lazare and Choquer on rows two and 10., respectively. The opening few turns proved to be a hectic affair, with multiple karts going off-course and several drivers being forced to take evasive action. Lazare and Choquer were among those, with Lazare falling to seventh, and Choquer retiring after just one tour. While Lazare set about trying regain his lost positions as the race progressed, in the end, he only recovered one position, taking the flag in sixth. Choquer was classified in 35th. With the lead trio running nose-to-tail over the course of the final few laps, Scott emerged with a narrow win over Ireland's Charlie Eastwood and Great Britain's Ed Brand.

EKN.ca Team Canada Driver Paddock Pass

Driver: Jesse Lazare - #240
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Mechanic: Steven Chapman
Heat #1 – Start – 4th / Finish – 6th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 4th / Finish – 6th (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 12 pts / 8th

Jesse Lazare is approaching these heat races with a very level head, understanding the need to put in three strong finishes. A good start ingspot for the Prefinal is the ultimate reward for an error-free heat race record, and Lazare posted a sixth place result to begin the run. Jesse said that his kart feels good, and he was simply playing it safe. With such a strong baseline on his Sodikart, they pushed up for the second heat race with the exact same set-up. The race played out much the way the first one did, and Lazare again kept his nose to clean to post another sixth place finish. When survival is akin to success, simply making it to the finish is all-important. As it stands, Lazare has a solid record of results and will only need a top-five to ensure him a starting position in the top-10 for the Saturday morning Prefinal.

Driver: Marco Di Leo - #278
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Mechanic: Leonard D’Arrigo
Heat #1 – Start – 23rd / Finish – 16th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 24th / Finish – 11th (A vs. C)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 26 pts / 21st

When you’re starting your heat races back on the 12th row, you know that you need to get aggressive if you want to make the finals on Saturday. In the first heat, Di Leo advanced quickly into the top-20 and then fought to continue the march. A failed pass attempt midway through the race caused him to lose three positions, and more importantly, the draft of the next group of karts. The best he could do was to work to the front of his group, a mark that he accomplished, finishing 16th in the final tally for a seven-position improvement. He believed that his kart’s set-up still needed some improvement, as it was still running a little ‘flat’, lacking the weight transfer he’d like to help the kart rotate in the slower corners. Di Leo got a great start in the second heat and jumped into 13th and then battled just outside the top-10 with American Louie Pagano, eventually recording another great result, officially classified in 11th. It was a great day all-around for Di Leo, who continues to work to improve the handling of his chassis through front geometry and ride height adjustments. Another strong run in tomorrow’s third heat should either squeak him straight into the Prefinal or give him a good starting position in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Driver: Bryce Choquer - #222
Hometown: Langley, British Columbia
Mechanic: Don Choquer
Heat #1 – Start – 20th / Finish – 18th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 20th / Finish – 35th (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 53 pts / 55th

Bryce Choquer has been improving steadily throughout the week, finding speed and more comfort on-track. Starting 20th in his heats, he drove hard in the opening race, and hooked up with fellow Team Canada driver Marco Di Leo for a number of laps. Bryce wisely stayed out of trouble and carded a solid 18th place finish. In the second heat. In the second race, he was involved in an early incident that put him on the sidelined and hampered his point total with a DNF 35th.

DD2 Masters

Former Rotax Grand Finals champ Scott Campbell went 1-1 in his two DD2 Masters heat races (Photo: maxchallenge.ca)
Former Rotax Grand Finals champ Scott Campbell went 1-1 in his two DD2 Masters heat races
(Photo: maxchallenge.ca)

The DD2 Masters drivers were next on the docket, with Heat A vs. B set as the opening affair. Martin Henry and Florent Lambert were the duo on the front-row, followed by Team Canada's Scott Campbell and Stuart Clark on rows two and seven. After two failed attempts to start, the third time around featured Campbell slotting into third, and Clark taking over seventh. The duo continued their moves forward over the course of the next few lap, with Campbell taking over second before moving out front, and Clark working his way up to fourth. While the final third of the 11-lap affair witnessed lots of attacks and counter-attacks in the lead pack, this was where the Canadians took the checkered flag, with Campbell holding off the advances of Great Britain's Florent Lambert and Great Britain's David Griffiths.

As had been the case all day, the second DD2 Masters Heat race featured Groups C vs. D. This time out it was Guy Pansart and Cristiano Morgado who lined-up on the front-row, ahead of Luc Sauriol representing Team Canada on row four. Sauriol enjoyed a good start, quickly advancing up to fifth. That proved to be the high point for the Canadian, as a hectic multi-kart duel for position witnessed Sauriol fluctuating between fifth and ninth all the way to the checkered flag. When the starter waved the checkered flag, he was ninth. South Africa's Morgado ended the hard fought battle for the win with the victory over France's Pansart and Finland's Mika Salo (not related to the former F1 driver).

The afternoon program for the DD2 Master's drivers started with Heat A vs. C, and the pair of Martin and Pansart on the front-row, while Canadian Clark followed on rows seven. Unfortunately, the action was initially delayed after three failed attempts to start. After a speaking to from the Chief Steward, the race began with some great dicing for position. Part of the 10-kart lead pack, Clark dueled lap after lap for positions, with the order shuffling repeatedly. In the end, Clark came home in 10th, behind race winner Great Britain's David Griffiths, American Alan Rudolph, and Argentine's Martin, who completed the top-three.

The final DD2 Masters race on Thursday, as expected, featured Heat B vs. D. Lambert and Morgado were duo on the front-row this time out, leading the Canadians Campbell and Sauriol on rows two and four to the green flag. Making the most of the standard opening lap opportunities, Campbell quickly worked his way into the lead. Sauriol was less fortunate, losing a couple positions. Seeking to end his day with two victories, Campbell ran mistake-free lap after lap, despite constant pressure from his closest challenger. The Canadian would never relinquish the top-spot, scoring the win over Morgado and Brazil's Fernando Guzzi. Post-race, Morgado was moved back to fourth, promoting Lambert into the top-three. Sauriol, having been involved in a dice for positions throughout the affair, was ninth when the checkered flag waved.

EKN.ca Team Canada Driver Paddock Pass

Driver: Scott Campbell - #414
Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Mechanic: Dave Campbell
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 – Start – 4th / Finish – 1st (A vs. B)
Heat #2 – Start – 3rd / Finish – 1st (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 0 pts / 1st

Campbell made a statement in the opening DD2 Masters heat, working his way into a lead that he would not relinquish. After some early contact dropped him to fourth following a good start, Scott tried to settle into the rhythm of the race in the early going. Once the kart came in, it was clear that the risky gear change they made for the race was the right one, as Campbell simply picked off those in front of him until he had the lead. He was pushed occasionally, but he was not to be denied and brought home the win to start things off on the right foot. Between races, Campbell made a small chassis adjustment and was again able to get to the lead early, but he was chased all race long by defending Masters DD2 champion Cristiano Morgano. On the final lap, Morgano slipped past on the uphill run through turn 11, but Campbell took it back in turn 12 to maintain the position and his perfect heat race score. Campbell was challenned by the reigning champ and responded. It’s going to be an exciting race come Saturday.

Driver: Stuart Clark - #417
Hometown: Campbellville, Ontario
Mechanic: Trevor Wickens
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 – Start – 13th / Finish – 4th (A vs. B)
Heat #2 – Start – 13th / Finish – 10th (A vs. C)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 14 pts / 14th

This morning’s first heat race was a strong opening performance for Clark, as he attempted to match the drive of teammate Scott Campbell. After starting 13th, Stuart got a good jump at the green and quickly worked to seventh. He eventually advanced to sixth and then gained a spot when American Alan Rudolph spun midway through the 11-lapper, and finally grabbed one more position to secure a massively important fourth-place finish. After the race, during our discussion, Clark pointed to the track walk the Team Canada DD2 Masters trio did on Wednesday night as an important part of his newfound speed. A significant front-end adjustment was made overnight and Clark dropped his pace by four tenths for this morning’s warm-up session. Stuart said during the lunch break that his kart is almost there and he’s feeling very good with the track. In the second heat race, he picked up a couple of spots early and maintained his position in 10th, holding off his competition despite the fact that his engine got a little hot during the final laps. All in all, Clark had good speed today and he and Wickens will “take it as a win”.

Driver: Luc Sauriol - #453
Hometown: Laval, QC
Mechanic: Denis Dubreuil
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 – Start – 8th / Finish – 9th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 8th / Finish – 9th (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 18 pts / 19th

Sauriol enjoyed a strong start to his first heat race of the day, as he advanced to sixth. However, his kart started to develop too much rear grip and began lugging down the motor in the corners. Luc made some adjustments to the kart to free up the whole package for the second heat, and the results was a better race car. The competition is extremely tight in the DD2 Masters class and it’s difficult to overtake when you’re running the same pace as your opponent, so despite the improvement in handling, Luc scored another ninth place finish. He believes he may make a small change for tomorrow’s morning warm-up, although it’s not a done deal yet.


Former Grand Finals winner Ben Cooper bagged a victory in both his DD2 heat races (Photo: maxchallenge.ca)
Former Grand Finals winner Ben Cooper bagged a victory in both his DD2 heat races
(Photo: maxchallenge.ca)

The quickest karts at the Grand Finals - the DD2 class – continued their chase for supremacy on Thursday with Heat A vs. B. Xen De Ruwe and Simon Wagner were the two drivers leading the field to the green flag after the first start was waved off, while Canadians Nicholas Latifi and Zach Robichon commenced things from row two and row 10. The opening few turns set the stage for what would be a back and forth affair up-front...well at least for second and third. Latifi, having initially slotted into second, dueled for third place lap after lap, swapping the position several times, particularly during the closing stages of the 11-lap affair. At the checker, Latifu would come home a strong second, behind Belgian De Ruwe and ahead of American Cody Hodgson. Robichon, having been caught out on the opening tour and dropping back to 34th, worked his way back up to 31st at the line.

Next for DD2 was Heat C vs. D, with a front-row consisting Shaun Slavin and Canada's Ben Cooper. Fellow Team Canada racer Pier-Luc Ouellette was slated to get the green from row 10, however, contact by another kart on the out lap ended his race before the green flag waved. After the initial attempt to start was waved off, Cooper executed a bold outside pass to take over the lead. That proved the decisive move, as from that point forward, never put a wheel wrong, scoring a narrow victory over Great Britain's Slavin and USA's Joey Wimsett.

After the lunch break and the other classes final heat races, the DD2 karters were back on-course, with Heat A vs. C. This time is was De Ruwe and Slavin who led the charge to the green flag, with Team Canada's Latifi on row two.. While the polesitter made it through turn on unscathed, chaos erupted behind him, resulting not only in a shuffling of the order, but two karts off into the barriers, including Ouellette who would endure his second DNF of the day. This promptly resulted in a full-course caution. When the action resumed on lap five, Latifi was P2 and looking for a way into the lead, which he promptly attained one lap later. It was not to last, however, as the leading pack of four karts began swapping places on a regular basis. This ultimately led to Switzerland's Kevin Ludi gaining and advantage as other battled, securing the win over Portugal's Tiago Ribeiro and Canada’s Latifi.

The day's racing action concluded with DD2 Heat B vs. D, with Wagner and Team Canada's Cooper lining up on the front-row. After three failed starts and a visit from the Chief Steward, the action finally commenced with Cooper falling to third. Robichon took the green from row 10 and moving quickly to 14th. Cooper, likewise, did not waste any time working his way to the front, passing for the lead before the midway point. With Robichon also continuing his march forward, Cooper never relinquished the top position from that point forward. Cooper made it two-for-two on the day, holding off Austria's Wagner at the stripe, while Latvia's Konstaintins Calko completed the top-three. Robichon ended his strong drive with a 10th place finish.

EKN.ca Team Canada Driver Paddock Pass

Driver: Nicholas Latifi - #336
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Mechanic: Coy Arbour / Alex Vincenc
Heat #1 – Start - #3 / Finish – 2nd (A vs. B)
Heat #2 – Start - #3 / Finish – 3rd (A vs. C)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 5 pts / 3rd

Latifi began his run to the final with a strong performance in the opening heat race. After settling into third position early on, he made a confident move on American Cody Hodgson to steal second. The two North Americans would then dice for the spot, as Latifi eventually yielded the position to Hodgson, but only for a lap. Latifi made a strong move to the inside of the frontstraight kink to re-take second, where he would eventually finish. Lafiti was happy with the kart following the first heat, but he did say that he wanted more overall grip. The crew made some small changes before the second heat, and he again ran in the lead group, although he fell to fifth for a time. Latifi went back on the offensive and was able to find a way back to third. Nicholas said that his kart was better for the second heat, but it still lacked overall grip, and they were also dealing with a minor engine issue. He believes they still need to do some work on the package for it to have a chance at victory.

Driver: Pier Luc Ouellette - #343
Hometown: Terrebonne, Quebec
Tuner: Bolla
Heat #1 – Start – 19th / Finish – 34th (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 20th / Finish – 33rd (A vs. C)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 67 pts / 72nd

Ouellette’s weekend went from bad to worse at the start of his first heat race of the day when a competitor drove over him on the opening lap. Pier Luc was officially classified in 34th, which put his very much behind the eight ball. This run of bad luck continued in Heat #2, when he was collected by another driver again on the opening lap at the frontstretch kink, and they both made hard contact with the retaining fence and the barriers on the outside of the track. Ouellette’s only chance at making the main now is to put in a big run in tomorrow’s final heat race so that he can at least make it into the Last Chance Qualifier.

Driver: Ben Cooper - #319
Hometown: Mt. Tremblant, Quebec
Mechanic: Gabor ‘Gaga’ Galas
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 – Start – 2nd / Finish – 1st (C vs. D)
Heat #2 – Start – 2nd / Finish – 1st (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 0 pts / 1st

As the reigning Senior Max champion, Ben Cooper knows how to win at the Grand Finals and he knows how to manage his program through the week. Cooper has been continually developing his set-up and it showed today as he was able to score back-to-back race wins in his heat races to lead the charge towards from Prefinal pole position. Ben still believes he needs more, having made changes between the two races to add overall grip in an effort to improve exit speed. However, these adjustments caused the kart to slide in other parts of the circuit. They’re planning to make a small change to test during morning warm-up, but the focus is on another win to get the starting spot that he wants for the Prefinal.

Driver: Zach Robichon - #346
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
EKN.ca One-on-One: Click Here
Heat #1 – Start – 20th / Finish – 31st (A vs. B)
Heat #2 – Start – 20th / Finish – 10th (B vs. D)
Points / Position (Unofficial): 41 pts / 44th

The dreaded first corner crash dragged Robichon deep into the field at the start of the first heat, as he got caught up in the carnage of two other drivers. After stalling the engine, Zach got back underway and reeled in a couple karts to post a 31st place result. Knowing that he needed to come back strongly in the second heat, Zach held his position aggressively at the start to make sure he’d make it out of the first corner in one piece. From there, it was either pass or be passed, as everyone is so close in this category. He knows that no one has a perfect kart, and that it’s more a case of getting the most out of what you have. Robichon continues to work on the driving aspect and believes that a couple of tenths are still to be found in both the driver and the kart.
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