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August 25, 2006 News
Race Preview: Maritime Pro Kart Series Event #3

Scotia Speedworld outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the venue this weekend as the Maritime Pro Kart Series brings East coast karters together for the third event of its four event schedule. Members from all four Maritime Clubs will take to the grid as they try to climb the points table prior to heading to the final round at Prince Edward Islandís Burlington Amusement Park September 17th.

Senior Light
Through two rounds, the closest points race is in Senior Light where veteran Rob MacLeod (CKRA) leads senior rookie Gerald Caseley (IKC) by just 13 points. After taking pole at his home club opener, MacLeod went flag-to-flag to win, but was chased throughout. Caseley finished just 0.767 seconds back, and in fourth! In between were two fellow rookie seniors Aaron Kennedy (CKRA) and Jonathan Stewart (IKC). Kennedy was just under two-tenths back at the checkered flag and also qualified second, just missing the pole mark. Finishing fifth at the opening round was Christina Meloche (CKRA), a competitor who showed Canada her speed recently as she finished ninth at the National Championships in Edmonton.

MacLeod took his second straight pole at round two at NBKC, but the usual suspects followed with Stewart second, Caseley third, and Kennedy fourth. The margin for pole was even tighter with 0.003 seconds being the difference, and first to fifth being separated by just over a tenth. This final was a much wilder affair and after a brief red-flag delay, Caseley made good on his prefinal win by taking checkers once again in the final. MacLeod was second, Cory MacLean (NBKC) was third, and Stewart was fourth ahead of Brendan McKeown (NBKC). The tally for the top five heading into round three is: MacLeod (514), Caseley (501), Stewart (465), Kennedy (398), and CKRAís Jared Meade (275).

Novice frontrunners Foran, Nason and Poirier (Photo: Danny LeBlanc)
Novice frontrunners Foran, Nason and Poirier
(Photo: Danny LeBlanc)

The most entries through two rounds of the championship come from the Junior field where Benoit LeBlanc (CKRA) has a 38-point lead over Nathan Kelly (IKC). Kelly dominated the Series opener at CKRA where, after taking pole by a half-second, he ran five seconds clear of LeBlanc and the rest of the junior competitors in the main event. LeBlanc was left to fight for second, and came out on top after a day-long battle with Brodie MacQuarrie (IKC). MacQuarrie had taken the runner-up in the prefinal. Eric Jalbert (CKRA) was fourth at the opener while Joel LeBlanc (CKRA) rounded the top five by edging Colin Matheson (IKC) and Mitchell Devison (AMKA) at the checkered flag.

CJ Arsenault (IKC) took pole at race two by less than a tenth with Chad Targett (NBKC) joining him on the front row. Benoit LeBlanc and MacQuarrie were on the second row, MacQuarrie clocking a tenth from the pole position in fourth. In the final, Targett had to fight forward from third to take the win, and did so with a late race pass on Arsenault. LeBlanc was third, with Keegan Dobbelsteyn (NBKC) fourth and round one winner Kelly in fifth after coming back from a lost chain in the prefinal and starting at the back of the pack. Through two rounds, LeBlanc has the points lead (482), followed by Kelly (444), Arsenault (392), MacQuarrie (345) and Devison (289).

AJ Nason (NBKC) is the leader in Novice after a win and a second in the first two rounds. At the opener he qualified second to Julien LeBlanc (CKRA), and the pair slowly raced clear of the rest of the field in the final with LeBlanc converting his pole to a round one victory. Denver Foran (CKRA) was all alone in third spot with Jake Poirier (CKRA) edging Dylan Lenentine (IKC) and Cameron Matheson (IKC) for fourth.

Roy and LeBlanc battling in Senior Heavy (Photo: Danny LeBlanc)
Roy and LeBlanc battling in Senior Heavy
(Photo: Danny LeBlanc)

At round two Foran was flying in qualifying as he posted a pole lap eight-tenths better than the field. The top four qualifiers were the final four from the first race as LeBlanc, Nason and Poirier were next in line. At the drop of the green in the prefinal, Nason worked to the lead and scored a victory to take pole for the final and the trio was poised for another battle in the main event. Once underway, Nason dropped from contention when he ran wide and caught a cone, and Foran couldnít catch Nason, who posted his first win of the season. The two finishes give Nason the top point total (555) with LeBlanc second at (492). Foran is third (482), Poirier fourth (417) and Lenentine fifth (360).

Senior Heavy
Rejean LeBlanc (CKRA) kicked off his season with a pole at race one but Barry Nickerson (AMKA) and Rob Poirier (CKRA) had other ideas and worked to the front in the prefinal. In the main event, a wild tale unfolded: Poirier went out with mechanical problems, while Poncie Rose (CKRA) joined to keep it a three-way battle for the win. With nine laps remaining, LeBlanc, too, retired with mechanical problems, leaving Nickerson to cross first, only to trip up in tech and allow Rose to win race one from NBKCís Ryan Dobbelsteyn!

Race two saw the return of Josh Arbeau (NBKC) as the former champion took the mount of an absent Dobbelsteyn. Arbeau dominated the day as he won the prefinal and continued in the final by steering ten seconds clear of the field. LeBlanc finished second to take the points lead, and Poirier was third, just beating Brent Roy (NBKC) at the checker. Rose was fifth at NBKC. Through half of the schedule, LeBlanc (495) leads Poirier (456), Rose (454) in the chase for the title.

Maritime Pro Kart Series racers score their best three of four starts in the Championship. Prefinal races count for points beginning with 100 for a win, and dropping at the familiar 85% model for 85 for second, 72, 61, and so on. In main events the scale is doubled and a race winner is awarded 200 points. A perfect MPKS event run awards 300 points, and karters will be out for such this weekend at Scotia Speedworld.
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